Ridecell + the Environment

It’s on us.

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. In fact, it’s in our mission statement: Accelerate digitization and intelligent automation of mobility to create a more sustainable, safer, and productive future. But it’s more than words to us. It’s what drives our actions.

Environmental impact matters. Period.

We know smarter utilization of our resources is vital to our planet, which means better solutions benefit us all. That is why our Fleet Automation and Mobility Platform was designed with sustainability in mind, which translates to benefits for our ecosystem of customers and partners while we work to drive greener mobility solutions forward — for everyone.

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Saved $20 million in government subsidies

Less cars on road

Helped to keep 20,000 urban cars from the road

Largest EV Fleets

Our customers launched the largest shared EV fleets in the U.S. and India, and one of the largest in Europe

EV Fleets Decrease Carbon Footprint

The overall carbon footprint of an electric vehicle’s lifecycle, which includes manufacturing, all mileage and charging, and decommissioning, is less than half of a comparable internal combustion engine car. (Source: EPA). This is precisely why we’re working hard to make EVs the fleets of the future.

Calculating the best route to sustainable mobility.

Ridecell connects customers, partners and investors to launch and scale sustainable fleets.

The Ridecell Fleet Automation and Mobility Platform provides the data pipeline and APIs to tie together existing IT, fleet management, and connected vehicle systems. This turns your data insights into triggers for valuable workflow automations. These unify and amplify the systems you already have in place to create powerful workflows that optimize fleet operations.

Ridecell fleet automation uses algorithms for intelligent routing, helping to optimize on-the-ground field work. Smarter routing means reducing CO2 emissions.

We help fleets solve and improve the most difficult and least sustainable parts of their business. Because it matters.

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